Website design and production
1995 to present
Over my career, I have designed and built hundreds of websites, both single-handed (design and code) and working with teams of developers of all sizes. Here are just a few examples.
Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, and many more
Auto Manufacturers and Dealers

What I did
I designed and worked on many of the car brands websites for the Irish and European markets. I also designed most of the major auto dealerships websites in Ireland. For car sites, I tended to use video, animation and large imagery to give a better impression of the design and beauty of the cars.
Mobile customer experience management (CEM)

What I did
Designed and produced the logo/identity, presentations, signs, displays for trade shows, interior design, illustrations, icons, print design, white-papers, and websites (including full development and production of the sites).
Century Homes
UK and Ireland. Commercial and residential construction industry

What I did
Design, Flash, Illustration, Photography, Virtual Tours, Java, HTML, ASP, Web & Print Advertising for the website. Designed and overseen the production of the whole website. Also produced a Century magazine, advertisements, and cd-rom. This site was nominated for a Golden Spiders Award (Irish Internet Awards).
Financial advice, stock market tracking, trading, etc.

What I did
I worked here in 1999 as the Senior Designer. Producing and overseeing all design and web work for the company. Design, Flash, HTML, and ASP for the website. Also Flash Corporate Presentations, CD-Roms, Stationary, etc. This site was nominated for a Golden Spiders Award (Irish Internet Awards).
Valista (formerly Network365 and IPIN)
Mobile/cell phone network technologies

What I did
Designed and produced the logo/identity, stationery, signs, and website (including full development and production of the website) for this global award winning company. I developed the website from start to finish, from design, coding, and Flash to implementation. This site was also built to be editable and expandable by non-technical staff at Valista, without using an expensive CMS (content management system).
A few more
Various sites I worked on for all industries and business types over the years.
Services I provide include...
  • Software, App and Website Design
  • Product reviews and assessments
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Template Design and HTML production
  • Sign design
  • Advertising design and production
  • Content creation and validation
  • Company naming, finding and registering domin names (URL's)
  • Setup hosting and/or transferring domains
  • Logo/brand design
  • Illustration and artwork
  • Asset production (optimized images, icons, color references, style guides)
  • HTML, CSS (front end development)