Ideas, concepts, mockups
Drawing since I can remember
Every while I get the urge to draw (old school, on paper). So I sketch whatever is on my mind at the time. Of course, I also draw on whiteboards all the time, but I don't consider that "sketching."

Here are a few examples of sketches I created over time.
Smartphone / Full PC - 2011
This design is based on the fact that smartphones are now reaching desktop computing levels. So it was foreseeable that soon the need for desktop tower PC's will no longer exist, and your entire work/life will be contained on your phone (and backed-up to the cloud).

You dock your phone and use the keyboard, mouse and touch-screen monitor as usual. When your phone is docked it syncs all of your data to the cloud over wifi and charges. So even if you lose your phone, your data is always safe. Your phone would also include biometric scanning for security, tracking lost phone via GPS, and the option for remote erasing and disabling.

Note: In 2015 Microsoft introduced a phone with Windows 10 OS, meaning it could potentially replace the need for a PC.  My prediction was accurate.
All-in-one Touchscreen PC - 2011
It's clear that NUI (Natural User Interface) interaction is taking over. However, standing in front of your PC with your arms in the air four hours (think Minority Report) is not a practical approach. Neither is using a flat tabletop screen for long periods of time (think original Microsoft Surface "table").

One possible solution would be an all-in-one PC with an angled display, using the bottom part as a touchscreen keyboard. It would also have USB ports and Bluetooth for I/O devices like a Stylus, and headset for audio commands, etc.

2017: The Microsoft Surface Studio is similar to this prediction.
Future Phone concept - 2010
The Personal Communications and Organization Device. This device combines - smartphone (with video calling), camera, GPS, music player, storage (for photos, files, etc.), time/date/calendar, games, apps and more. Note: These were not standard features back in 2010.

The device would also come with changeable holder/straps in various colors and designs - and the screen wallpaper can be changed to match the chosen holder.
Future Car Technologies - 2010
Just a quick sketch based on some ideas I had around future technologies that will eventually make it into car production. Things like photo-voltaic paint, electromagnetic field generation for ionic down-force propulsion, electro-glass and paint change tint/color depending on light/heat conditions and it can be user modified, uses swarm intelligence for full speed maneuvering, etc.
Why sketch by hand?
  • I like it. I started as an artist, so I love the paper, pencils, and tactile experience of it.
  • It's fast and cheap.
  • It get's ideas down fast before they are gone.
  • It helps to elaborate on ideas.
  • Sometimes its good to get away from the computer.