Redmond Washington USA
October 2011 - August 2016
UX Designer II
UX design on Office365, SharePoint, concept products
At Microsoft, I worked on products including Office365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Access, and more. My role involved working with PM's and Engineering to conceive of, design and prototype new products and services, as well as improve existing features.

I was also involved in hiring and guiding new designers.
I worked on areas such as...
  • Information architecture
  • Getting Started and Help experiences
  • Administration and Migration (on ramp)
  • Customization and Personalization
  • Sign-up and Sign-in experiences
  • Navigation
  • Search - across all features
  • SharePoint for web, iOS and Android
  • Delve / Profiles
  • Org browser
  • Sites
  • Groups
  • Permissions
  • Blogs
  • Videos and Channels
  • Tags, categorization and taxonomy
  • Marketplace / App store
  • Apps (plugins and extensions for Office365, Outlook etc.)
  • Conceiving of new products
  • and much more
I worked in a small team of designers redesigning SharePoint. This included new and updated features such as Sites, Tagging systems, improved Search, Video & channels, and much more.
I was also the sole designer for most of the SharePoint iOS app, and I contributed to the Android app.

Both the desktop/web version and the mobile versions released in 2016.
The tech media's response was very positive...
Business Insider . The Wall Street Journal . The Verge . PC World . Bloomberg . The Business Times . Yahoo Finance . ZDNet . VentureBeat . plus many more

Microsoft article: The Future of SharePoint
Microsoft article: SharePoint - the mobile and intelligent intranet

The Twitosphere was also buzzing with excitement: #FutureofSharePoint.
SharePoint apps
I worked with a team of designers and developers in Oslo, Norway to build the People Profiles (Delve) feature of Office365/SharePoint. This feature included new and updated areas such as Groups, Teams, Org's, Tagging systems, combined People Profiles, and much more.
Problems to solve
  • There were 6 different profiles in Office 365 (a different profile in each app)
  • Data did not sync across profiles - updating one profile did not update the rest
  • The different profiles did not contain the same information - so it was hard to find where to update that piece of relevant info
  • People were not entering info into their profile - so they could not be searched easily, and their information was usually out of date
  • The projects a person was working on, or had worked on, were not shown
  • The skills a person has, were not shown
  • The interests a person has, were not shown
  • The teams a person works with, were not shown
  • Who a person reports to, and who reports to them, was not shown
  • Make all of Office 365 use one single user profile
  • Introduce "gamification" to get users to update their profiles
  • Make profiles customizable - to help users want to update their profile
  • Introduce new features like Praise and Org Browser (see below)
  • Make searching people easier and better (works better with more data)
Org Browser explorations
Working with PM and Research, we studied the entire product and talked to users to identify gaps (missing/desired features). From the information gathered I created concepts for new features/products. "Organization browser" is just one of these concepts.
This would help you to find someone in your company or organization by...
  • Skills / Experience (knows this software, language etc.)
  • Product knowledge (worked on this feature/area)
  • Location (in this country, region, city)
  • Connections / Network (knows this person, this team)
  • Interests (may be interested in working on this)
  • and more
One design explorationAnother design explorationAnother design iterationAnother design iterationAnother design iterationAnother design iterationAnother design iteration
Skills used
Product Design
Jr. Designer Mentoring
Presenting to Stakeholders
User Testing
Writing Content
Tools used
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Office 365
Cloud Computing