Concept digital currency app
January 2016
Digital currency concept app
Customizable money themes/brands
In the near future all Earth currencies will be digital. Even today an estimated 95% of all currency exists only digitally (it's not physical paper money, as it costs more to make money than its actually worth) so it makes sense that as we develop more secure cloud platforms that are globally accessible - by any person/business, anytime, from anywhere in the world (I.E. through mobile devices) people will also start to be paid digitally, also saving employers money.

Bitcoin is the start of this, but none of the apps I have seen so far are easy to access or customize yet, which I feel would be a big incentive for new users to adopt a service like this (think of credit cards in your favorite color or with a custom photo).

This is my concept of how to make digital currency more fun and approachable. By including features such as...
  • Financial status at a glance
  • Easy and instant transfers, no waiting days for money to between accounts
  • Global transfers, with no charge for international transactions or sales
  • Instant notifications of any unauthorized/questionable transactions
  • Statistics of where your money is going over time
  • Your spending needs predicted (based on past habits) to help you set achievable financial goals
  • Advice on how and where to save money
  • Bio-metric authentication and security features
  • Plus many more features and details I could come up with given time :)

Think of the possibilities here that people would love
  • Animated 'bank notes'
  • Custom themes available to buy (Star Trek, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, anything...)
  • Square 'bank notes' that work on any screen size, portrait or landscape
This is an initial concept product app design by KTdesigner 4th Jan 2016.  Just for fun. Thanks for reading.

What money theme would you create or use?  Tweet me: #DigiCredits @KTdesigner
2021 update
China has released its official digital currency that will eventually take over from its traditional paper and coins money.